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Plus St is your go-to place for privacy focused online communication, tools, private frontends, social networking, and more!

XMPP has been shut down

Plus St has been hosting XMPP since the very beginning, but recently the XMPP server has been malfunctioning and due to many issues that cannot be fixed we have decided to shut it down for now.

We have plans on bringing back an XMPP server implementation but it will not happen for a while. Thank you for reading and apologies for any inconveniences this will cause.

If you want to find another XMPP instance, please check conversations.im

SearXNG has been shut down

We have shut down SearXNG for a similar reason we have shut down XMPP, it's been broken for a while and it hasn't been easy to update the service. We are sorry to anyone who used SearXNG.

If you want to find another SearXNG instance, please check searx.space

Welcome to Plus St!

Ever since 2022, Plus St is your go-to place for privacy focused web services. All hosted with security in mind on Alpine Linux!

Fast, and always updated.

We at Plus St make sure that our software is always updated, meaning your data is always secure and you get new features from our services quickly.

Privacy is a human right

One of Plus St's main goals is to protect user privacy. We don't sell your data to third parties, and we don't snoop on your activity.

For free, and always for free.

We guarantee that you will freely be able to use Plus St without spending a dime, and Plus St will never paywall a service!

Any questions?

Head on over to our FAQ to see if your question has already been answered, if not head on over to our Community!