Announcing the closure of

We are shutting down Plus St's Akkoma instance on April 30th 2023, you can view the full post about this announcment here.

Welcome to Plus St!

Ever since March of 2022, Plus St has always been your go-to place for self hosted, privacy oriented, and security focused online services!

Welcome to Everyone.

One of Plus St's goals is to foster a friendly community among our services, that is welcoming and friendly to everyone.

Fast, and always updated.

We at Plus St make sure that our software is always up to date, meaning your data is always secure and you get the newest features from our services quickly.

Security; done right.

Plus St implements state of the art security hardening, minimizing on security threats keeping your data safe.

Privacy, that's your human right.

Protecting your privacy is neccesary. We don't sell your data to third parties, we only collect what is needed for services to function properly, and we don't snoop on your activity.

For free, always for free.

Plus St guarantees you that all of our services we host services will never have their basic features paywalled, ever.

Need Help? Have a Question?

Don't fret, we're here to help! Head on down to our community where you can get support and your questions answered by the Plus St Community!