Terms of Service.

As Plus St hosts services for public usage, a Terms of Use needed to properly outline what to do and not to do on Plus St.

By using Plus St and any service that we host you are agreeing to the Terms of Service outlined on this webpage.

#1 Prohibited Actions.

This section outlines that you cannot do on Plus St's services.

  • #1.1 Any form of hate speech such as racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, bigotry, transphobia, etc.

  • #1.2 Spreading misinformation and/or hatred towards Plus St and/or it's users.

  • #1.3 Anything illegal under US law.

  • #1.4 Spreading and/or promoting content related to underage children

  • #1.5 Stalking, abusing, spamming, doxing, impersonating, and/or harassing another user

  • #1.6 Corporate use of Plus St and it's services is not allowed, such as advertising, making accounts that focus on a company, etc.

  • #1.7 Posting adult content without censoring it as NSFW, having a NSFW avatar, and a NSFW banner.

#2 Fediblock Policy.

This section outlines how we handle fediblock requests and reports on users that reside on external instances.

  • #2.1 Instances that break TOS sections #1.2, #1.3, #1.4, and #1.5 will be blocked.

  • #2.2 Instances that break TOS sections #1.1 and #1.6 will be unlisted.

  • #2.3 Instances that break TOS sections #1.7 will have its media forced as NSFW, Avatars removed, and/or Banners removed.

#3 If you break TOS.

This section outlines what will happen if you are caught breaking TOS.

  • #3.1 If you are caught breaking TOS sections #1.2, #1.3, #1.4, and #1.5 your account will be deactivated.

  • #3.2 If you are caught breaking TOS sections #1.1, #1.6, and #1.7 your account will recieve a warning. If this is your second time breaking those TOS sections you will be suspended for a week. If this is your third time breaking those TOS sections your account will be terminated.

#4 Other Information.

  • #4.1 We are not responsible for any content hosted on Plus St and on external websites.

  • #4.2 Plus St is hosted in the USA on a BuyVM VPS.

  • #4.3 Plus St is allowed to change the TOS at any time, you'll be notified on our fedi account when we do.

  • #4.4 Plus St reserves the right to terminate any account we believe is in violation in our Terms of Service

  • #4.5 If you believe your account has been wrongly deactivated and does not break TOS you can contact itZzenXX on getting your account restored.